ETS2: Highway Assets

Highway Assets for map development

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Kwazar Corporation

Antiglare panels protect drivers from the flash of lights from cars going in the opposite direction. They can be used on dual carriageways in places with increased danger of light glare (dazzle), amongst other: road curves, exits, flyovers, bridges, etc. The panels are optionally 60cm, 90cm, 120cm high, 
standard green, made of HDPE, durable material, resistant to outdoor conditions (sun, rain, wind, high and low temperatures). They can be mounted on standard crash barriers (steel and concrete). 

Blue Systems: SAFENCE median & side barrier

The side barrier is placed on the area at the side of the carriageway (on the hard shoulder). The median barrier is placed between lanes going in opposite directions both in the central reserve on a motorway or when the distance between oncoming lanes is small, for example when a 13 m wide road is rebuilt 
into a 2 + 1 lane road. The median barrier is either placed in the base course or in the road paving.
SAFENCE slope barrier is installed on an embankment slope. It is high enough to handle a car that flies off the road and over the slope, and at the same time low enough for a car that follows the slope of the embankment. Blue Systems supply slope barriers tested for EN 1317 N2-W6 and NCHRP 350 TL3.
SAFENCE EN 1317 slope barrier is installed with SAFENCE U posts, SAFENCE NCHRP 350 slope barrier is installed 
with SAFENCE C posts (see above).

Release history

hw_assets_1.00.scs: 25jan2015

hw_assets_1.01.scs: 10feb2015

  • Safeence cable barriers: I-post, C-post and U-post (3 cables)

hw_assets_1.02.scs: 14feb2015

  • Safeence cable barriers: I-post, C-post and U-post (4 cables)

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Cable Barrier

Anti-glare panels